The Easton Youth Hockey Association is dedicated to the continuous education and development of its hockey membership into quality players, coaches and fans, and seeks to build a spirit of community and camaraderie through the fostering of good sportsmans

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  • Bantam - Mite Game Officiating Signups HERE
NOTE: All skating events are at Chiller Easton unless otherwise noted.


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Goalie Skills Sessions
Goalie Skill Sessions Goalie Skills Sessions with Coach Derrick...
Westerville Warcats Bridge Program - Last Call!
Warcats Bantam Bridge Registration 2019 - 2020   The Westerville...
Coaching Requirement Links
USA Hockey online membership registration  USA Hockey Coaching...
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Game 7 Sports Photography is extremely excited to be working with the EYHA Ice Dragons for their hockey team and individual pictures this year! Below is the list of times that EYHA House pictures will be taken: Monday, November 18th or Tuesday, November 19th. 

For most players, your picture time is right before your normal practice time on Monday or Tuesday. My apologies, if it is not, but please remember, we have nearly 400 players in our organization!  Travel, Select, and Tournament team picture dates will be announced soon. Below are the times  for EYHA House Pictures. 
Monday, November 18th 
                                           Camera 1                                 Camera 2
4:40 pm                         MM Panthers                           MM Redhawks
4:50 pm                         MM Dynamite                          MM Sharks
5:00 pm                         M Canucks                               M Panthers
5:10 pm                         M Golden Knights
5:30 pm                         M Mavericks                            M Flyers
5:40 pm                         M Sharks                                  M Whalers
5:50 pm                         M Chill                                      M Prowlers
6:10 pm                         M Knights
6:20 pm                         M Capitals                                M Kings
7:10 pm                         PW Kings                                 PW Bruins 
Tuesday, November 19th 
                                         Camera 1                                Camera 2
4:40 pm                        S Kings                                     S Maple Leafs
5:40 pm                        S Flyers                                    S Bruins
6:00 pm                        S Penguins                               S Blackhawks
6:40 pm                        PW Penguins                           PW Flyers
7:00 pm                        PW Maple Leafs                      PW Blackhawks
7:30 pm                        B Bruins                                   B Stars
8:00 pm                        B Blackhawks                          B Maple Leafs
Helpful Hints for Picture Day:
For those of you that have not worked with Game 7 Sports Photography, they 
do things a little bit different that ends up being a lot more efficient for you on picture day. 
They will be "green screening" your players pictures for both their individual AND 
team image.  What this means is that they will take two pictures of your player
and then they are done and free to go. The first pose will be used to
"build" out a team picture and then their second pose is used or any
individual prints or products that you purchase. It takes about 30-45
seconds and then they are completely done.  Doing it this way means we
will NOT take a traditional group picture where we have to have all of
the layers present. This saves a tremendous amount of time as you will
not have to wait for everyone to get their.  ***The attached team
picture shows what they will do. All of those players pictures were taken
individually and the team picture was built out. *** Remember, Coaches
you will also need to have your picture taken to be a part of the Group Picture!
The order form can be downloaded HERE
Please contact Tara Berman if you have any questions

by posted 11/08/2019
Goalie Skills Sessions

Goalie Skill Sessions

Goalie Skills Sessions with Coach Derrick Henderson are back. We are changing it up this year to better manage the ice sessions so they are more effective. The goalie sessions will be early mornings on the weekend. These are at no additional cost and are for Squirts, Peewees and Bantams only. Note that we will require 5-6 shooters at each session so please consider getting your player some extra work in.

  • 10/27 7:30 AM
  • 11/9 7:40 AM
  • 11/17 7:30 AM
  • 11/24 7:30 AM
  • 12/15 7:30 AM
  • 1/12 7:30 AM
  • 2/9 7:30 AM

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Westerville Warcats Bridge Program - Last Call!

Warcats Bantam Bridge Registration 2019 - 2020


The Westerville Warcats Hockey Association (WWHA) is excited to offer a program to promote hockey in our community.  In an effort to ensure readiness for high school hockey and to promote consistency in coaching techniques between our programs, the Warcats JV team is inviting all interested Bantam players to participate in a program called Bantam Bridge. Players will have the benefit of working with the JV coaching staff at practices based on a set schedule throughout the season. The Bantam Bridge program has been very successful for our organization and has produced several JV and Varsity players.  The cost is $100 and payable at registration.

To register, go to and click on the Registration button.

There is no JV game play for Bantam Bridge players; however, all participants will be invited to participate in all other activities offered by the WWHA.  

Bantam Bridge players are eligible to practice with the Westerville Warcats JV team during their Thursday 7:40 pm - 8:40 pm practice at the Easton Chiller beginning November 14, 2019 and ending January 30, 2020. Blackout dates are 11/28/2019 (Thanksgiving Holiday) and 12/26/2019 (Christmas Holiday).

Due to the number of JV players and the anticipated number of Bantam Bridge program participants, the program may have to be split into 2 groups. If a split is necessary then each group will participate on alternate Thursdays. The dates are as follows:



Thursday 11/14/2019

Thursday 12/05/2019

Thursday 12/19/2019

Thursday 01/09/2020

Thursday 01/23/2020



Thursday 11/21/2019

Thursday 12/12/2019

Thursday 01/02/2020

Thursday 01/16/2020

Thursday 01/30/2020


WWHA Bantam Bridge Criteria for 2019 - 2020

1.    All Bantam Bridge players should be on a bantam or equivalent team roster for the current season.

2.    Bantam Bridge players must register online at before practicing with the JV team.  Each player must show proof of birth date and pay the required fees for the season to complete the registration process. The Warcats Registrar will attend the first practice to meet you and check birth certificates. Players WIL NOT be permitted to participate in the practice until this is complete.

3.    Players accepted into the program must be in one of the following groups:

o    Second-year Bantams residing in the Westerville, Big Walnut, Reynoldsburg or Gahanna school districts (8th or 9th grade).

o    Players older than Bantam age who live in Westerville, Big Walnut, Reynoldsburg or Gahanna school districts but who have limited playing experience.

o    First-year Bantams who live in the Westerville, Big Walnut, Reynoldsburg or Gahanna school districts and whose birthdays fall before September 30, 2006.

In addition to completing this on-line registration you must provide the following items listed below.

1.    Birth Certificate (to show the WWHA registrar)

Please direct any questions regarding the Bantam Bridge Program to our Registrar Chuck Hilling,   or (740) 680-7059

by posted 10/24/2019
Coaching Requirement Links

USA Hockey online membership registration 
USA Hockey Coaching Certification Requirements and Resources 
Mid-Am Hockey mandated background screening
USA Hockey Safesport Training
Ohio-mandated concussion education resources 
Ohio-mandated Sudden Cardiac Arrest education resources 


Check Request Form for Coaching Classroom, Age Modules and Background Check


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Antivirus Alert Details



We have received a few notices from users stating their anitvirus software has flagged the EYHA site with a trojan alert. I have researched the issue and the reason is as follows. On the League Athletics platform there is no way to have an SSL Certificate with your custom domain name. However, as soon as a user signs in they are directed to and are then covered by our SSL. Any passwords, payments, etc. are done on so they are secure.

EYHAICEDRAGONS.COM is a custom domain on top of the hostname where are site truly resides. It is a secured Amazon Web Services site used by thousands of organizations all sharing the same interface with a custom look. This alert being returned is a false positive.

I hope this helps!


by posted 06/11/2019