The Easton Youth Hockey Association is dedicated to the continuous education and development of its hockey membership into quality players, coaches and fans, and seeks to build a spirit of community and camaraderie through the fostering of good sportsmans

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EYHA Team Manager Overview

In addition to a head coach in, each team is required to have at least one assistant coach and a team manager. 

The team manager, with oversight from the head coach, is in charge with the execution of the off-ice activities and has the authority to plan and manage off-ice and team support functions, including:


  • Communication of team events
  • Game score sheet preparation (upper division levels the coach should collect score sheets after games)
  • Penalty box and score box volunteer coordination and assignments (upper division levels)
  • Post game snacks (OPTIONAL:  younger ages and snacks are not required for any team)
  • Team web site management support for the head coach
  • Team financial management where necessary

The Manager is also to be the primary point of communications for all team related functions outside of the actual coaching aspects of the season. The head coach and team manager oversee the structuring of parent-volunteer participation.