The Easton Youth Hockey Association is dedicated to the continuous education and development of its hockey membership into quality players, coaches and fans, and seeks to build a spirit of community and camaraderie through the fostering of good sportsmans

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Are you looking for a way to raise money for your favorite Hockey Organization-EYHA?

Every May you must re-enroll your Kroger Plus Card and designate a non-profit organization you wish for Kroger to donate to on your behalf.  EYHA is enrolled in the Kroger Rewards Community Program which makes it as simple as shop, scan, and earn!  Registering your Kroger Plus Card is simple.
    *    You can click on the Kroger Rewards logo at the bottom of the EYHA website or go to: and sign in.
    *    Click on your account/Community Rewards, and select Easton Youth Hockey Association (84494).
    *    Within 7-10 days of registering the earnings begin.
    *    Every time a member shops for groceries and swipes their card, our organization automatically starts earning a rebate (you will notice Easton Youth Hockey Association at the bottom of your grocery receipt).     

Please help EYHA in keeping fees as low as possible and offer the best hockey program around, designate EYHA on your Kroger Plus Card today.