The Easton Youth Hockey Association is dedicated to the continuous education and development of its hockey membership into quality players, coaches and fans, and seeks to build a spirit of community and camaraderie through the fostering of good sportsmans

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Mandatory Background Checks 

In an effort to provide a safe and fun environment for our participants and volunteers, Mid-American Hockey (EYHA's USA Hockey District) requires that all new volunteers, including coaches, assistants, board members, and team managers submit to a background screen before they have routine access to children who participate in our organization. As such, we have designed a very user-friendly process to help achieve this goal.

Please be aware that each individual will be responsible for a $25.00 fee to undergo this process for certification.  The EYHA will reimburse volunteers for the $25.00 background fee.  To submit reimbursement, volunteers need to fill out a reimbursement form with a copy of their receipt to the EYHA treasurer.  

Thank you for assisting us in providing a safe and fun environment for all of our children and participants.

Click here to be redirected to the online background check program supported by Mid Am.

Click here to access the reimbursement form.